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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt with Fred at Caesars

Caesars was turned into a Film-Set when scenes from
The Brad Pitt Movie
were filmed here

It was a big surprise when Bradflew in to star in the film
and everyone was sworn to secrecy

Brad is a fighter in an illegal Boxing Match in the film
Which went on General release on 1st September 2000
and is now released on DVD
The Film also stars

Below are some pictures taken from the filming at Caesars

With a Boxing Ring set up over the dancefloor at Caesars
Brad goes through the scene with the crew

Make-up adjustment

Director - Guy Ritchie (with the red sleeves)
talks to the cast and crew
(Guy is married to Madonna)

Brad in fighting mode

Director Guy Ritchie

Don't upset the director Brad!

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