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The Royal Cars


The royal mews

Her Majesty the Queen's
New Bentley State Limousine

To Mark Her
Golden Jubilee

Bentley State Limousine.
Conceived by a Bentley-led consortium of British Motor Industry manufacturers
and suppliers, the all new car will be presented as a gift to The Queen to celebrate her
Golden Jubilee.
It will be the first Bentley to be used for
state occasions.

The new Bentley State Limousine differs fundamentally from those previously supplied by
Crewe in being a unique car, rather than a production car modified for State purposes. It also
bears no relation in either appearance or physical proportion to any other Bentley product, and has
been designed with continual reference to and input from both The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh
and of course, the Head Chauffeur.

The major partners joining Bentley in the
consortium are Mayflower Vehicle Systems
(bodywork), Leoni Wiring Systems (Electrics), TWR
Group (trim packaging), Intier Automotive (trim
engineering), Radshape (brightware), Ricardo
(powertrain) and MSX International (validation).

Bentley Motors has been entirely responsible for
the design, styling, chassis and commissioning of
the car and is currently assembling the limousine in
a dedicated area of its Personal Commissioning
department. It has also overseen the project from
                    start to finish.

The new Bentley State Limousine will be presented to The Queen in May 2002
and will perform its first official engagement in June 2002.

Her Majesty the Queen Mother's Phantom  V

Rolls-Royce have supplied numerous members of the Royal family with cars other than the Sovereign. For example, the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) took delivery of his first Rolls-Royce, a Barker Limousine, in 1919; he was a great enthusiast for the marque and owned no less than 10 examples including 20hp, Phantom I and Phantom II.

Number 2 State car

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