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White Witch

A Beginners Guide To Ritual

Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in ~ casual clothes, robes,
jewellery, or sky clad.


A representation of the Goddess ~ can be a small statue,
a picture of the Moon, a Flower.

A representation of the God ~ can also be a small statue,
a picture of a stag, a small branch of Oak.

A crystal or stone ~ It represents the North, the element of Earth.

Incense ~ It represents the East, the element of Air.

Candles for the alter ~ Colour depending on what type of work you
intend to do, but white a safe colour for any workings.
It represents the South, the element of Fire.

A bowl of water for cleansing ~ It represents the West,
the element of Water.

A Besom ~ To sweep all negativity from the circle.  Alternatively,
you can also cleanse the circle with a sage smudge stick.

Ritual Tools ~  Athame, wand, staff, sword.
This doesnít have to be a costly item.
It could be a knife from your kitchen, a piece of wood from your
garden shed.
Tools are tools and the power comes from within.

Cake and Ale ~ this can be anything, cake, bread, fruit ~ mead,
ale, wine, water.

A Compass to determine the placement of the quarter candles.

Pentacle ~ representing, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Bell ~ ringing a bell is an ancient form of cleansing
the air of all negativity.


A herbal bath prior to the ritual cleanses the body and relaxes the mind.

Suggested herbs would be Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Fennel.

Marking the circle ~ delineated with a cord or ribbon,
drawn in the dirt, drawn with chalk or marked with salt

( be careful with the salt method ~ it kills grass)
or simple visualized.

Place a candle in a heat ~ proof container at the north, east,
south and west quarters.  Green for Earth ~ Yellow for Air ~
Red for Fire ~ Blue for Water.
White candles for any quarter.

The Alter ~ If you are having an open fire or cauldron in the centre,
place your alter halfway between the centre and north.
If you are not having a fire put your alter in the centre and
face north when working.


Cast a small circle and set up your alter as follows:
Place a white candle in the centre to represent both the Goddess and God.
In the north on the alter place a pentacle, in the east place incense,
in the south a red candle, in the west water (not salted).
Light the centre candle, light the red candle from the centre candle, light
the incense.
Take the tool in your hands, hold up to the Goddess and God saying,
I consecrate this (name item) to be used only for good in the practice
of my craft.
I charge this (name item) by the Element of Earth ( touch the pentacle);
by the Element of Air (pass through smoke);
by the Element of Fire (pass through flame);
by the Element of Water (sprinkle with water).
This tool is now by powers bound to aid me in my work.
So mote it be!


Before you cast the circle take a besom and starting in the north
and walking deosil (clockwise) sweep the working space.
Do this three times.
Alternatively, light a sage smudge stick or stick of incense
(be careful not to burn yourself).
Take a feather and walking deosil (the way of the Sun)
sweep the smoke with the feather around the circle three times.


You can do this by placing a small gargoyle type figure at each of the quarters,
or just a lighted candle in a heatproof container.


Remember, the circle is not just around you, it is also above and below.
Its like casting a large bubble with yourself in the centre so nothing negative
can cross that boundary. You can cast with your wand, athame, sword,
besom, staff or just your outstretched arm.

Walk the circle enclosing whatever you have guarding the quarters.
Do this only once starting and finishing in the east.

You could say something like:
I cast this circle where time itself parts,
in a place that is not a place, in a time that is not a time.

If you walk the circle at a slow place by the time
you get to the north you will have repeated this three  times.
Of course your own words are always more effective because they come
from your heart.


Starting at the north walk the circle widdershins
(anti clockwise ~ the way of the moon)
finishing at the north.
You can do this in silence and just state that the circle is open
or chant as you walk. Something like ~ the circle is open and forever unbroken,
may the love of the Goddess be forever in your heart, merry meet and
merry part and merry meet again.


This can be done by chanting, humming, banging drums, dancing.
Movement creates energy which peaks to a cone in the circle,
is held and then sent off, the magick or healing is set in motion.
This is when you will feel the breath of the Goddess.


The four Elements are called to bear witness to the rite taking place
and to guard the circle.
Their calling can be as simple or complex
as one wishes.
Again words are unimportant, you have to speak to
the elements with love, warmth and respect in your heart.

NORTH ~ Element of Earth  and Winter ~ stones, rocks, trees,
gnomes, dryads, all creatures that live beneath the earth.

EAST ~ Element of Air and Spring ~ the sky, the winds,
all flying creatures.

SOUTH ~ Element of Fire and Summer ~ flames, volcanoes,
mighty dragons and all fire breathing creatures.

WEST ~ Element of Water  and Autumn ~ seas, lakes, rivers,
streams, waterfalls, all creatures of the waters.


Any ritual or magickal working wouldnít be effective at all with out the
love, guidance, support, protection of the Lord and Lady.

They have many names
but they are always the
Goddess and the God.

Call them from you heart, love them and honour them.
Be honest, be respectful never insult them because they
love and care for you.
Always remember to
thank them.


White ~ for any new venture or relationship
Red ~ for fertility, sexual matters and survival issues
Orange ~ for independence and confidence
Yellow ~ for career, any creative adventure and for money
Green ~ for love, relationships and health
Blue ~ for travel, success in exams and study
Violet or Indigo ~ for inner happiness and psychic awareness
Pink ~ for reconciliation
Brown ~ for home and home moves, or any practical matter
Black ~ for protection

Hear Fred with  Most Haunted's Yvette Fielding

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