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Did You Know...

Contrary to popular belief, the traditional witches' cat is not black
but a Mackerel Tabby.

An altar to Cernunnos (the Horned God - also known as Herne, Pan,
Cerne) beneath Notre Dame cathedral, Paris, was in use until the late
The slang for getting married "tieing the knot" comes from the Pagan
wedding ceremony of "handfasting" where the couple's hands are
bound together to symbolise their unity.
Easter derives from Eostre, the festival of Spring fertility. And the
easter egg and Easter bunny come from the symbols of the Goddess at this time
which are the egg and the hare!
The image of the witch's pointy hat actually derives from
heresy/witchcraft trials when pointed "steeple" hats were placed on the
heads of witches and heretics in the hope that this symbol of the church
would bring salvation to the poor souls!

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