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Myth Buster
We’ve all seen the films about Devil worship and satanic rites. Ok. Let’s put some of the most common misconceptions about Wicca and Witchcraft to rest:

Witches Worship Satan

Actually, Satan is a creation of the Christian church,
a bastardisation of The Horned God, the Consort of the Goddess,
who is an ancient, pagan, nature deity.
He is often depicted as a Pan figure or a man wearing antlers.
This, though, was a very good ploy to make people think that Wicca/Witches were evil.

Wiccans perform Black Magic ceremonies and

sacrifice animals

Wiccans/Witches are governed by two main ethics:
“An it harm none, do what you will” and the Law of Three – that everything you do comes back
to you three times over.
Wiccans are only allowed to work to benefit all forms of creation.
We can never cause harm or manipulate the will of others.
Wiccans/Witches practise their healing & mystical arts to bring benefit.
We do not hex, curse or manipulate…and
if you remember our belief in the Law of Three it is hardly surprising.
So sorry, no sacrificing animals in the world of Wicca.

If you are female you're called a witch and if male, a Wizard.
Acutally the term witch covers both sexes.

Is there such a thing as Black Magic?
No there isn't. Magic is magic ~ it is neither good nor bad, it just is!
It is the intention of the person using it that is good or evil,
not the magic itself.
Yes it is possible to use magic for bad purposes but you do so at your
peril for the law of three comes into play and you always get back
whatever you give out ~ times three!

Wiccans and Pagans have no sexual morals

It’s those films again isn’t it?
Wiccans, through their worship of the Goddess and The Horned God
do have a more balanced outlook on sex than other religions such as, say,
the Christian church.
The Christian teaching that
the Son of God was born to a human woman but that no sexual contact took place
has led to a fear and disgust of sex – original sin and all that.
Wiccans do not see sex between consenting adults as sinful, but as a natural thing. Provided it is practised safely, between consenting adults we consider it perfectly natural and acceptable.
Oh, and by the way, we do not have sex with goats, animals of any description or those under
the legal age of consent! In fact Wiccan sexual morality is often far stricter than that of non~Wiccan/Pagan groups.

Witches wear black

Some of us do, some of us don't ~ there's no hard and fast rule.  Witches
can wear any colour they choose and some prefer not to wear robes at
all (we call it "skyclad").

Witchcraft is a cult.

A cult is defined as a group of people dictated to and blindly following a
leader. There is no "leader" in Wicca and we are free to think for
ourselves ~ so Witchcraft is certainly not a cult.

The Pentagram is a sign of the Devil/Satanism

The pentagram (or 5 pointed star) is not satanic. It is a symbol much
beloved by Witches who wear it both as a means of recognising one
another (rather like the Christian cross or crucifix) and as a symbol of
The 5 points represent the elements (earth, air, fire and water).
The topmost point represents spirit.
Some think of it as the human form ~ head topmost,
with arms and legs splayed and when surrounded by a circle,
is the symbol of humankind encircled by
The Goddess/nature ~ a symbol of humankind at one
with the Universe.
A reversed pentagram (with the point at the bottom)
in some Wiccan traditions,
is the sign of a 2nd degree witch ~ one who is no longer an


No, Wicca does not seek converts and Witches do not volunteer information about
their beliefs. You should certainly be wary of anyone you meet who is keen
for you to come and join their coven or group or gives away
lots of information about their rites and activities.
There are lots of frauds and strange ones out there, so be


Many of us come from a long line of witches and the secrets are handed down.
Some are called and some stumble upon it ~ whichever way you discover Wicca you will
feel like you have come home!

If you are interested in Wicca my first suggestion would be to
read about it ~ there are many books available now ~ start with one
that gives the general outlines of Paganism for there are many paths
and traditions
(Vivien Crowley has written excellent books on Wicca and Paganism).
But do be aware that to be a witch does not
mean that after one book you can pick up a wand and start
creating spells ~ we are talking about real magick here, not
David Copperfield!
The road to becoming a witch is a long one ~ it is joyous but it is also very, very hard work.
There is a lot to learn, particularly about yourself and
it takes dedication. It also seems that the more you learn the more
there is to learn! Be patient, work hard ~ the magick is there and is a joyous thing!

If you are beginning your path I send you
bright blessings!

Copyright Fred Batt - 2009 - 2013