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White Witch Spells

A Spell For A Better Life
Pen and paper - 4 white candles - incense

Cast a circle - light a white candle at each quarter and light the incense.
Take the paper and draw a circle, making sure the ends meet exactly.
Inside the circle, write everything you want in your life.
Outside the circle, write everything you want in your life by invitation only.
Around this draw a second circle, again making sure the ends meet exactly.
Outside this circle write all the negative things and people that you donít want in your life.
Fold up the paper.
Open the circle but let the candles burn down until they are finished.
Put the piece of paper away in a draw or back of a cupboard and forget about it.

Wishing Spell
Pen and paper - incense mixture (not to burn) 1part Rose petals /
1part Lavender / 1part Dragons Blood.

Go to a secluded place where you wont be disturbed.
Write on the piece of paper your Wishes, then burn the paper
all the while visualizing what you desire.
Scoop up the ashes and mix with the Rose petals,
Lavender and Dragons Blood.
Stand up, face East and raise the energy by chanting:
Element of Air
Hear my prayer
Take my wishes
Cast them fare
Let it come
What I ask
Help it work
Make it last
When you feel the energy is right
Spin in a circle casting your wishes to the Air
Thank the Elements
Thank the Spirits of the Place where you are for allowing you to
be there
Depart and leave no trace of your visit.

A Spell To The Fairies
A small gift for the Fairy Folk, a nightlight, Incense stick.

Go to a lonely and secluded place where you wont be disturbed by other humans.
Sit comfortably, light the candle and incense.
Take your time - for in this place, time matters not.
Talk to the fey folk, tell them your hearts desires and why you want and need their help.
NEVER LIE to them, Never incure their scorn!
Be very Specific and Careful in what you ask - because what you ask for - you will get!!!
Always leave the fairies a gift, but nothing that will be intrusive to the place or draw peopleís attention.
Leave something that is special and treasured by you - thatís your sacrifice for your wish.
Thank the Fairies for their help and for listening to you.
Thank the Elementals of the place for allowing you to be there.
Depart and leave no sign of your visit.

A Binding Spell
Pen and paper, small self-seal plastic bag, water.

To rid yourself of negative people:  Write the personís name on the piece of paper.
State your intentions - REMEMBERING - Ďan it harm noneí.
Place the spell in the small self -seal bag and fill with water and seal.
Put in the furthest corner of your freezer and forget about it.

Protection Spell For Home
And Business
Small mirrors (can be from a ladies face powder compact)

Above or near each entrance to your home or business premises place a small mirror.
Size is irrelevant.  When placing the mirror say:
Any harm that comes this way
Go right back from whence you came
Go ye swift - go with LOVE
Keep your anger
Keep your pain


1 Blue Candle - 1 Candle Holder - Matches - 1 Pin
A Photograph of the person you are sending healing to
1 Clear Quartz single terminated crystal.

Cast a small circle and sit in the middle of it.
Take the candle in your hand and push the pin through the candle about one inch from the top.
Place the candle in the holder.
In front of the candle, on the floor, place the photograph of the person you are
sending the healing to.
In front of the photograph place the quartz crystal with the pointed end
facing towards the photograph and candle.
Light the candle and looking into the flame visualise the healing light entering the body of the person
the  healing is going to.
As the candle burns down the pin will fall clear of the candle and you will know the
healing is on its journey.
Leave the circle but let the candle burn until it is finished.


Red Rose Petals- Dried Vervain Herbs
Lavender Oil - Vervain Oil - 9 Rose Quartz Crystals
2 Loadstone 4 Red Candles - 1 nightlight.
Do this spell on a Friday night before the hour of midnight and when the
Moon is waxing.
Before you start the spell you have to cleanse your body and relax your mind.
In a bath place 3 drops of Lavender Oil and 3 drops of Vervain oil, light the nightlight
and relax until you feel the time is right to begin.
At each Quarter place a red candle.  Working sky clad (without clothes) take the
rose petals and dried vervain and cast the circle.
Sit in the middle of the circle surrounding yourself with the Rose Quartz Crystals
and holding a loadstone in each hand visualising the love and
friendship you want to come into your life.

Now say:
Goddess of Love hear my plea
For a Lover and Friend
I would see.
Sincere and truthful
Let him be
Bring him quickly
Close to me.
Let him come in freedom
Let him come in trust
Let him come for love
Not just for lust
Goddess of Love hear my plea
Bring him quickly unto me.

Sit quietly meditating until you feel you have achieved your desire.
Open the circle and go straight to bed.


A small glass jar with a screw lid -Small pieces of broken glass - Nails - A candle.

Fill the jar with the pieces of glass and nails.
Urinate into the jar filling it to the top.
Screw the lid onto the jar and seal with wax.
Dig a small hole as near to your front door as possible and place the jar in the hole,
cover with earth saying what you want to achieve by your actions.


 A White candle annointed with eucaluptus oil.

Light the Candle and Say:

(NAME), you were once my hearts desire, I once loved you like a burning fire
Love and passion I felt for you, Long ago those feelings were true
Now the fire has turned to ashes , The ashes blow into the sea
Love and Passion have traveled far, Blown along by the eastern winds
Our flame will not be rekindled, The blazing fire's gone
I loved you then, But now you see
So please do not return to me ,So mote it be, so mote it be!"

Burn the candle down till it goes out symbolizing the flame between you and your old love burning out.

To Mend a Broken Heart
Blue candle and a Pink candle

Light them both and say

'The bonds of the past, Can serve me no longer.
My heart is mending, And growing stronger.
As i release my sorrow and pain, my heart is free
to love again.'

To stop have feelings for someone

 Red Candle

Light it and say:

'You were once my hearts desire
a look from you set me on fire
but your space in my heart has been sold
I kick your ass into the cold
you live your life, I'll live mine,
but no longer will our paths entwine
take your key from out my heart
and on good terms shall we depart'

To get a Marriage Proposal
Rose petals, Gardenia, Calender

There must be a love connection with the person you want to put a spell on.
Be aware of the Rule of Three!!
If you're not sure He/She wants to marry you, don't preform the spell.

Put rose petals and gardenia where the person sleeps,
(under the mattress is a good place)
with a calendar of the year you want to get married in.
The Magick is in The Secret of Knowing what you have done.
Keep it foremost in your mind,
what you want to achieve.

To Free Yourself of Anger
Mint leaves. Honey

Add three teaspoons of mint leaves to one cup of boiling water.
Let the tea steep for six minutes and inhale the steam as the tea strengthens.
Strain, sweeten with honey, and chant the following over the tea:

'Cool my anger, herb of mint.
Honey, sweeten my intent.
My attitude, I ask you, change.
Toss heat of temper out of range.'

Drink the tea and feel your anger evaporate.


Herbs to use to dress candles for spell work:
Powder the herbs, this can be done in a food liquidiser and mix with a
carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or wheatgerm oil.
Then anoint the candle with the oil.

LOVE:               Vervain, Rose, Lavender, Violet, Rosemary. Red or Pink Candle.

PASSION:          Myrtle, Cloves, Peppermint, Rosemary.  Red

MARRIAGE:        Orange Blossoms, Anise Seed, Orris Root.  Red

HEALING:           Lemon Balm, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary,
                                  Thyme.  Blue Candle.

EXORCISM:        Angelica, Basil, Frankincense, Myrrh, Yarrow.
                                  White Candle.

CURSING:          Knot Grass.  Black Candle.

SPIRITUAL AND PSYCHIC POWER: Bay, Lemongrass, Mugwort,
                                                Marigold, Thyme, Yarrow. Purple Candle.

LUCK:                        Irish Moss, Poppy Seed, Tonka Bean, Violet.
                                  Green Candle.

PROTECTION:           Angelica, Bay, Fennel, Frankincense, Hyssop,
                                   Lavender, Mandrake, Valerian, Wormwood.
                                   Light Blue Candle.

MONEY:                    Basil, Chamomile, Elder, Tonka Bean, Sage,
                                   Vervain.  Green Candle.

STOPPING GOSSIP:     Slippery Elm.  White Candle.

UNDERSTANDING:      Frankincense.  Light Blue Candle.

SUCCESS:                     Cinnamon, Irish Moss, Five-Finger Grass.
                                     Orange Candle.

Never direct to a specific person - it might not have come from them!
Leave the direction to the Goddess and the Elements.
Always remember to thank in anticipation!

Copyright Fred Batt - 2009 - 2013