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What is Wicca

is the religion of
it is also called Wisecraft or The Craft.
Wicca is a belief in the unity of the natural world and the spiritual power that it possesses.
It is a religion of nature and followers of Wicca direct their worship to the Goddess and her Consort,
The Horned God.
The names of Goddess and God are many and have been expressed through the ages in many
different ways in many different traditions.

Wicca is a powerful, beautiful and empowering path.
An ancient religion in a modern world and one to which more and more people are turning.
It is a religion of spiritual growth, an understanding of our place and relationship to the land, the animals,
which inhabit it, the seasons and the elements.
Wicca teaches us to honour the land upon which we live ~ it is not ours to despoil.
We are here by the grace of the Gods and we must respect the sacred energy which is manifest within it.

Those who follow the path of Wicca (which means “wise”) are known as Witches and practise Witchraft.
There is no central authority and witches can either worship in groups,
knows as covens or on their own as solitary witches.
The term “Witch” is often considered derogatory ~ conjuring up pictures of ugly, wizened old hags,
hunched over a cauldron, turning people into toads and working black magic. Modern Witches,
however, believe it is important to embrace the term ~ to discard it because of its negative connotations
would be both disrespectful to our persecuted ancestors and
would give credence to its supposed connection with evil.

Witches, like Shaman, can harness power and use it for the benefit of others;
it is an empowering term and one which we are proud to use.
Wiccans believe in the law of three ~ that everything you do comes back to you three times over.
We also live by the rule “An it harms none, do what you will”.
Wiccans must always question the intention behind their actions and examine the impact
that their actions might have on humans, other species, and, indeed, the planet.
This way we can be sure that we always take the path of least harm.

Each person’s path is different, and if you are on your journey I send you white light and love.
Open your heart to the magic ~ it is out there ~ it is as powerful now as it ever was ~ have fun on your journey.

Be Joyful!

Blessed be!

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